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free online seminars

sunday 26. of mars &
sunday 14. of may 2023

BT – RT Birth Trauma - Release Therapy – Norway by Line Denneche

inviting Gabriel Shiraz

for free zoom seminars in English

Sunday, 26. of Mars and Sunday 12. of May 16.00 - 18.00.

“Relationship during pregnancy, birth and the time after”.

CPD - Continuing Professional Development for Couple Body Psychotherapy

The seminar is designed for therapists with experience in various fields, who are interested in broadening their individual and couple therapy skills into working with couples during pregnancy, birth, and the time after.


The BT - RT – Birth Trauma - Release Therapy – training is a one-year course consisting of five modules, with focus on professionals working with women and/or children around the special time of birth. The course will be particularly relevant for midwives, doulas, psychotherapists, and others who are interested in learning more about this topic.

As well as focusing on how one can support mother and child throughout gestation and delivery, The BT - RT - training is therapeutic, with a focus on the processing of birth trauma for the mother, the child and adults who have been traumatized at the time of their birth and early infancy.

The different Modules are:

1. “How to reduce anxiety and process trauma through touch and biodynamic massage” with Line Denneche, guest teacher Lotte Pia Stenfors.

2. “Early reflexes, body oriented and vegeto-therapeutic work” with Line Denneche and guest teacher Claudia De Campos,

3. “Relationship during pregnancy, birth and the time after” with Gabriel Shiras,

4. “Birth release” with Line Denneche and Gemma Ireland (Ebba Boyesen)

5. “Healing generational trauma with constellation work” with Heiner Eisenbarth.


At this specific zoom seminar, Gabriel Shiraz will present the therapists, with tools for working with couples, as well as with their own personal process. By experience and through theory we will learn about the complexity of couples therapy, in which four entities are present in the therapy room: each of the two partners, their relationship and the therapist., as well as the relational ties between everyone.

We will also study how to work with the couple and the family during time of trauma. Observing and feeling the effects on the relationship, on each one of the partners and the relationship itself.

Gabriel developed a method in Biodynamic psychotherapy to work with couples,- Couple Body Psychotherapy and the "process of melting the Couple Armor".

We will understand what is " Couple Armor" and what is " The primary Couple Personality " and how we can work with those themes in couple therapy, focused on Relationship during pregnancy, birth and the time after.

This is an introduction seminar to the 3 days workshop - the 3rd Module of the BT - RT training, that will be held in Oslo Norway 23. - 25. of June.

About Gabriel : Gabriel Shiraz is a trainer, lecturer, supervisor, and body psychotherapist for individuals, couples, therapists, and groups. He has worked in the field about 25 years. He founded and was a director of the Body Psychotherapy program at Reidman College, from 2001 to 2008. Gabriel is currently a senior trainer at Reidman College, University of Haifa, and teaches Couple Therapy and Body Psychotherapy at other institutes in Israel and Europe, including the London School for Biodynamic Psychotherapy (LSBP). He is a qualified member of the European Association for Body Psychotherapy (EABP). Gabriel studied Biodynamic psychotherapy with the late Gerda Boysen in the nineties. He works with trained psychotherapists who want to develop and expand their skillsets in couples therapy and body psychotherapy. He believes that every experienced body psychotherapist can advance to working with couples as well. He also runs workshops for couples with a focus on improving their communication and relationships. Gabriel is 57 years old, married and has four children.

Article about Primary Couple Personality -

Article about the process of melting the Couple Armor -

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