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Line Denneche, er personen bak BTR. Hun er tobarnsmor og har vært Biodynamisk Kroppsorientert Psykoterapeut og trener siden slutten av 90-tallet. Hun har alltid hatt dyp interesse og engasjement for fødsels- og spedbarnstraumer i sitt arbeide med voksne i terapi.


Egen erfaring og kunnskap om hvilke langtids-konsekvenser dette kan få for kvinner og barn, har over tid ført til et program for Doulas, Jordmødre, Psykoterapeuter og andre utøvere i feltet. 

Programmet kalles BTR - Birth Trauma Release - Forløsning av Fødseltraumer.


Målet er å gi dyp kunnskap om mekanismene som skjer i kroppen, psyken og sjelen i denne dype prosessen. Og på denne måten kunne forhindre langsiktig skade.

Dette seminaret er en introduksjon til ett års kurs bestående av fem kurshelger som hver varer i fire hele dager. Kursene vil bli holdt i Oslo og London med oppstart i januar 2022.

BTR -Birth Trauma Release
-Assistance to the mother and the child during pregnancy, birth, and puerperium

a one-year course

London 02.02.2022 – 04.12.2022

This is a one-year course designed for anyone who works with women and/or children around the special time of birth. The course will be particularly relevant for midwives, doulas, psychotherapists, and others who are interested in learning more about this topic.

The teaching focuses on how one can support mother and child throughout gestation and delivery, but it will also address how one can meet and work with women and others who have experienced trauma in connection with parturition.

The work will be preemptive — the focus will be on learning what creates the safest conditions for mother and child.

It will also be action-oriented — the focus will be on how to intervene when a specific situation arises,

And it will be therapeutic, with a focus on the processing of birth trauma for both the mother and adults who have been traumatised at the time of their birth.

The techniques used will include:

  • body psychotherapy

  • biodynamic massage

  • «trauma-release» and vegetotherapy

  • Mindfulness meditation and somatic experience

  • Body oriented methods for couples 

  • Family constellation work

  • Visualization techniques and use of imagery

  • psycho-peristalsis (involuntary, intuitive gut responses), to activate the body’s self-healing component—which can help to prevent trauma and support the whole system to process it if trauma does occur.


During the course you will learn to anchor in your center, in order to be able to make space for the women and, possibly, the children you are working with.


The course consists of five, four-day long modules. 


Course start: Wednesdays, 3 p.m.

Course end: Sundays, 1 p.m.

Module 1.

How to reduce anxiety and process trauma through touch and biodynamic massage

26.01. – 30.01.2022.  

This will be an introduction to biodynamic psychology and psycho-peristalsis, and to how both can be used to prevent, among others, postpartum depression, and psychosis. In the module, we will also discuss how unreleased traumas can lead to such circumstances. 


Module 2.

Birth reflexes, body oriented and vegeto-therapeutic work 

06.04. – 11.04.2022

We will work with (You will get an introduction to) practical tools to support mother and child to reestablish balance following birth. The work will focus on the consequences of premature birth, c-section, disease and death of the mother, or the child. The techniques can also be used on adults suffering from birth trauma.


Module 3.

Relationships during pregnancy and after birth. With guest teacher Gabriel Shiraz 

15.06. – 19.06.2022

Receiving therapeutic tools in couple therapy, to assist couples with the difficulties and stress related to pregnancy and time after birth.


Module 4

How to cure generational trauma. Constellation work

07.09. – 11.09.2022

We’ll work with generational trauma through genealogy and its impact, relying on methods from Hellinger and Astrid Brinck. 


Module 5

Birth release. With guest teacher Ebba Boyesen

30.11. – 04.12.2022

By exploring one’s creation from conception to birth, we will get to know the meaning of the birth reflex and the impact birth has for each one of us throughout our lives.

The teachers are:

Line Denneche, mother of two, has been a Biodynamic Body Psychotherapist and a trainer since the late 90s. She has always had a deep interest and involvement in birth and infant trauma, a subject which she has deepened working with adults in the therapy room. Coupled with her own experience of birth-giving and knowledge of the consequences it can have for woman and child, this passion has led her to the creation of (BTR – Birth Trauma Release), a program for doulas, midwives, and other practitioners in the field. Her aim is to offer deep knowledge of the mechanisms happening within the body, psyche, and soul in this profound process, so as to prevent long-term damage and develop practices which may contribute to enhancing the wellbeing of mother and baby right from the start. Member of EABP – European Association for Body Psychotherapy.

Gabriel Shiraz: Individual, couples, and group therapist – Body Psychotherapy. Trainer and supervisor for body psychotherapy and couple therapy. Member of the EABP - European Association for Body Psychotherapy.


Ebba Boyesen: Co-founder of Biodynamic Psychology. Founder of Psycho Energetics®. Lead trainer and mentor at  E.S.B.E. European School of Biodynamic Psychology and member of EABP European Association for Body Psychotherapy and EAP European Association for Psychotherapy.


The price for the entire year is 2250 €, to be paid in full in advance of the course start.

There’s also an option to break down the fee in multiple payments of 500 € each, to be paid at the latest two weeks in advance of the start of the corresponding module.

There will be some open spaces for people to take single modules if they don’t want or have the possibility to do the whole year.

For registration to the course, please contact:  Line Denneche, Phone: +47 986 21 939

btr- one-year course

Line Denneche - Biodynamisk Psykoterapi

Tel: + 47 986 21 939

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